Brussels and Bacon

Serious All-Time Elle and Jay favorite, and original here!

6 strips of bacon (make 8, eating 2 strips while cooking is not a horrible state of affairs)
1/2 stick unsalted butter
16 oz package of brussel sprouts, halvedDSCN3345



Cook your bacon until crisp.  Take your bacon out of the pan and dry on a plate with paper towel.  Leave the grease in the pan.DSCN3346


While the bacon is cooking, halve your package of brussels.

When the bacon is dried enough to crumble, crumble it.

Put the halved brussels into the pan with the bacon grease.  Also add in the 1/2 stick of unsalted butter and your crumbled bacon.DSCN3347


Cover and cook on medium-high heat for ~15 minutes, stirring regularly.  Ready to eat when the brussels are tender and caramelizing in the grease.





3 thoughts on “Brussels and Bacon

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