Boneless Pork Short Ribs

The Boneless Pork Short Rib is originally a taco recipe from PaleOMG (see this link for the original recipe).  Elle, for whatever reason, does not really like eggs and found the tacos to taste like an omelet so we had modified the recipe to just utilize the meat and toppings by themselves or on a salad.

2 Tbs maple syrup (organic)
2 lbs boneless pork short ribs
2 tsp garlic powder
Salt, to taste
Green onions, chopped
5-6 strips of bacon
1 (6-8oz) can of green chiles
2-3 Tbs hot sauce

Add short ribs to crock pot, pour maple syrup on top of them, along with the garlic powder and salt. Cook on low for 8-10 hours (don’t let it dry out).

Next remove the pork ribs and shred. Cook bacon and chop.

Mix together green chiles and hot sauce, place in microwave for 1:30-2 minutes (make sure to cover this!); chop green chiles. Load up tortilla or salad or plate with shredded pork, green chiles, bacon, then green onions.


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