Mexican Rice Bowl and Strawberries

We made up the Mexican Rice Bowl recipe from PaleOMG tonight and it was definitely tasty.  Very filling 🙂  We topped it with Pico de Gallo instead of salsa like the recipe calls for and it was a perfect pairing!  Next time we make it, we will probably add more spice, like paprika, cayenne pepper, and chili powder for some extra flavor because we love spicy food!  This is definitely on the make again list

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Mostly Paleo Dinner: Steak, Brussels & Bacon, and Red Potatoes

Some nights you just need a little starch in your life 🙂  Tonight was one of those nights!  We picked up some small red potatoes that were boiled and topped with butter, parsley, and salt and pepper.  They were served on the side of some (on sale!) New York Strip Steaks in a Caribbean Jerk seasoning and Brussels & Bacon.  We like our steaks medium rare and on nights like tonight when it is pouring rain outside and grilling isn’t much of an option; we will use the oven broiler and do 5 minutes per side.  Perfection!  The Brussels got a little burned because Elle is still getting used to the new stove and hasn’t found the best settings yet.  Still delicious and satisfying!

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Chicken Fajita Lettuce Wraps

We have really found out how the deliciousness and wonderfulness of lettuce wraps!  One more thing that makes it seem like you aren’t missing out on anything.  We have a simple recipe we use with basic seasonings for our Chicken Fajita Lettuce Wraps that anyone can make.  This one is great for lunch or dinner and you don’t need much time for preparation at all.  With a side of kiwi, it doesn’t get much better!photo 4

Three Pea Cashew Chicken with Cauliflower Rice

Elle and Jay are SO happy to now have Cauliflower Rice in their lives!  It really does complete any stir fry and fills you up.  Tonight’s meal was a variation on Three Pea Cashew Chicken because for some reason, no stores around us had either snap peas or snow peas for a whole week.  So the recipe is the same, but it is 1 pea.  It was served over the top of the cauliflower rice and was still absolutely delicious.  Will definitely do this pairing again!  Sorry for the crummy picture, need to stop taking pictures with the camera phone 🙂

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Simple: Steak and Asparagus

This dish was simple but ultra delicious!  Steak (seasoned with garlic salt and pepper only), asparagus (cooked al dente with EVOO and herb seasoning), and fresh cut strawberries.  The steak was a special buy at the store and needed to be used immediately.  The strawberries were also a use immediately buy from the grocery store.  What a delicious meal!  The strawberries were so flavorful and we were able to get better steak than normal because it was on its last leg.  Thrifty but well fed 🙂2013-10-01 20.46.40

Jay’s Special Chicken & Bacon Wrapped Sweet Potato

Elle is back from work travel and jumped right in with a new recipe for Bacon Wrapped Sweet Potato from Primal Living.  It was an awesome compliment to Jay’s Special Chicken, which we finally tried to write up a recipe for–try at your own risk!

We did find with the Bacon Wrapped Sweet Potato that the toothpicks came right out once the sweet potatoes got really soft in the oven.  I guess we could try with bigger chunks, but we just took out all the toothpicks and it was tasty finger food!  Also, the wax paper got baked onto the cookie sheet because of the bacon grease, so I think that next time we will use foil.  This was a very tasty recipe and you should try it!2013-09-30 20.54.51 (2) 2013-09-30 21.39.01 (2)

Three Pea Cashew Chicken Stir Fry with Cauliflower Fried Rice

Three Pea Cashew Chicken Stir Fry and Cauliflower Fried Rice (from Paleo Cupboard) were wonderful together!  The Fried Rice has become a favorite for Jay.  With Elle going out of town for a week for work and her sister’s baby shower, they made up a huge batch to get him through the week.  We tried it with one less egg than the recipe calls for and it was absolutely perfect.  This one we will definitely be making again soon!

2013-09-17 21.57.22

London Broil, Salad, and Strawberries

So Elle has had this one on her phone for a little bit and kept forgetting to post it!  We made up some London Broil, a beautiful salad, and a bowl of fresh cut strawberries.  The London Broil marinated all day on Saturday to give it lots of extra flavor.  Elle cut the steak up a little further and ate it along with the salad which was perfect! Jay likes his steak all by itself, meat meat meat!  This dinner was great for a warm night and makes wonderful leftovers. 

2013-09-14 19.04.46

Roast Chicken with Pan Sauce, Salad, and Fresh Cut Strawberries

Tonight’s dinner was definitely a down home meal!  We made up the Roast Chicken with Pan Sauce, a salad (with tomatoes, cucumbers, cheese, and radishes on top of lettuce and spinach with vinaigrette dressing), and a bowl of fresh cut strawberries.  Instead of using chicken breasts as the recipe calls for, we used chicken thighs / legs.  Elle got a great deal on a family pack (bone in, skin on) from a local farmer’s market!

The recipe was absolutely delicious!  Jay had a good comment on the flavor–it tastes like home cooked chicken noodle soup (minus the noodles of course!).  The chicken fell off the bone but next time we will probably do it with the bone- in, skin on breasts instead to make it a little easier to eat.  Enjoy!


Thai Chicken Wraps and Sweet Potato Fries

A big weekend for us!  Yard work and closed up the pool on Saturday.  Total clean out and re-organization of the garage on Sunday.  Because oh yes, first Sunday of the NFL season.  Jay is happy.

Our first time trying the Thai Chicken Wraps that we found on Paleo Plan.  Delicious!  We modified from the link’s recipe slightly and added some spices and curry.  We felt like a little kick tonight!

Had one of our staple side dishes in Sweet Potato Fries, with more-than-normal red pepper flakes tonight.  See above comment on wanting a little kick tonight.


Dishes done in time for Sunday Night Football!