Paleo-ish Lifestyle:

We (Elle and Jay, get it?  Ellen Jay) decided we wanted to write a blog that might help other people with busy lives and frugal wallets but who want to go as “Paleo” (caveman diet) as they can.  We are a 20-30 something couple who have been eating Paleo-ish since about July 2012.  We are both self discovered mildly grain and gluten intolerant and decided to try to go kind of Paleo-ish, and love it!

We are not going to waste a lot of your time explaining what Paleo is; after all you ended up on our blog by probably googling something to do with Paleo to begin with.  It is eating like a caveman from the Paleozoic Era and essentially only eating meat, fruits, veggies, and the occasional nuts.   Eat like a predator, not like prey.  Super strict Paleo followers also tend to remove dairy and alcohol from their diets in addition to only using some very expensive oils and other ingredients.  Super strict is not us.  This Paleo-ish lifestyle is a more realistic diet for the every day person.

Some of the recipes you might see on here are from Paleo cookbooks and other Paleo websites that are our favorites.  We will try to give credit where credit is due for a recipe (go check out their book or their website, they can make the money).  We will also give credit to a base recipe if we have modified it slightly for our taste preferences.

We are not trying to get rich or famous from this as a blogging team, we just wanted to share our Paleo-ish journey in case it helps any one else. Our recommendation: go Paleo-ish for 30 days and tell us how you feel, your challenges, and recommendations for improvements.


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