Guacamole Burgers (soft of) July 2, 2013

So to say that we deviated from the recipe tonight would be a vast understatement. And so the journey begins…

Elle forgot to take the ground beef out of the freezer last night and it didn’t thaw in time to make into burger patties.  Also, we ran out of lettuce for the side salads and were going to make sweet potato fries instead.  Didn’t end up feeling like spending the time to fry them so we just diced them up and tossed them in a pan with the ground beef.  Added some salt, pepper, Italian seasoning, onion powder, and garlic salt and let it cook, covered, on medium-high heat until the sweet potatoes were soft and tender.


We made a pile of the burger meat and sweet potatoes, topped it with a fried egg or two, and then with the guacamole.


The Guacamole and sweet potato turned out to compliment each other pretty nicely and it was delicious!  Just goes to prove that sometimes the deviations give you a new flavor profile and are worth a shot.  Try it our way or the Guacamole Burger recipe way, you will enjoy either.  Bon appetite!  DSCN3369


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